Sandy is not so dandy for exercise

Sandy is forcing many to work from home today — if at all, depending on the power situation in your neighborhood.

I was asked earlier today by a distant colleague how things were going on Cape Cod. I replied that I would certainly not be riding my bike today. Mullet Marathon New England confirms that assessment:

Guess today will be an indoor training day. Thanks, Bobby, for the official word.

(The dog that chases Bobby near the end looks like one that lives right up the street from Commuterdaddy Central. Bad dog! It’s not very neighborly to attack a local reporter providing a public service.)

Gripped by gridlock

We’re in the middle of three straight days of rain on Cape Cod. After the glorious summer we have had, it’s welcomed, but it does put a bit of a dent in the locals’ plans to get around.

I, for one, am a bit road weary already. I’ve been traveling for parts of four of the last five weeks — mostly by car. So while I appreciate the opportunity to stay put this week work-wise, getting in and out of the driveway has at times felt very similar to the Holland Tunnel merge in Jersey City.

The photo at right was taken Sunday from our front yard. That’s the entrance to our clamshell driveway at right. To the left? That’s the way to the grocery store, dump, hardware store, pharmacy, post office, bank and more.

What’s a local to do? Turn right, and take the long way around. Go to the stores on the other side of town, and return against the grain of traffic headed off-Cape, using all right turns.

The jam on Route 6A in Sandwich lasted about 6 hours on Sunday. The good news? It wasn’t 9 days, like this quagmire in China.

The traffic torture continued yesterday when I headed to Hyannis for a meeting. It was a rainy Monday, and the meeting was midafternoon. How bad could it be?

Very bad, and I was very late as a result. As soon as I exited Route 6 at Route 132, gridlock loomed, and I regretted my pledge to attend the meeting in person. I executed the proper locals’ strategy, and peeled off at Bearses Way to avoid the mess at the Cape Cod Mall entrances and take back roads to my meeting destination. All was well until I crossed Route 28, and ran smack dab into paving work.

Meeting attended, I jumped back in the car to return to Sandwich. I absent-mindedly steered toward the Airport Rotary while making a phone call. Before I knew it, the call was over, and I was stuck two abreast on Barnstable Road, waiting to enter the rotary while an ambulance traversed it, fighting its way through scattering vehicles. Resigned to my motionless fate, I made another call to at least make the waiting time more productive.

Upon reaching Route 132, the situation was not better. There were easily two dozen cars waiting to get into the left-turn lane to go to the mall, blocking the left travel lane as a result. I wound up cutting through the K-Mart parking lot to reach back roads, and continued on those back roads to Route 6A to get home.

So today, on this third day of rain, I am staying put. That’s one less car to get in the way of the rest of you visiting and commuting around Cape Cod. You’re welcome. If I have to go to the store, I’m walking. I don’t care how wet I get.