Some free commuter music to start off your week

CMT Edge 2012 SamplerEvery so often I like to peruse the free samplers from Amazon MP3, and as I was doing so this morning I found some commuter tunes among Amazon’s recent additions.

A pleasant listening surprise was the CMT Edge 2012 Sampler — pleasant because country music is not usually a genre that I lean toward. This sampler had three commuter-themed songs — at least when it came to the titles or band names:

The commuter tie-in of the Community Music Sampler is a little more of a stretch, but I enjoyed most of the tracks, so give it a listen. The two loosely commuter-themed songs are “So I Turn” by Aaron Embry and  “Give Me A Sign” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.

The Green Hill Jazz Sampler has one song that is the perfect Friday drive-home song. Not matter your mood, stresses or traffic volume, it will put you in the right Friday afternoon frame of mind. Fair warning: “Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home” by Sam Levine is likely to induce some Dixieland dancing and hand jives in the driver’s seat.

One of my favorite artists of 2010, Frazey Ford, can be found on the Nettwerk Fall Music Sampler 2012 but the commuter song in that collection in both title and artist is “The Wrong Direction” by Passenger.

Finally, this list would not be complete if we did not include “Big Blue Bus” from Max & Ruby Bunny Party. Naturally, this only recommended if you have toddlers. Also check out “Telephone Song” with its subliminal message to use your headset or in-car Bluetooth controls while talking on the phone in the car — or at least that’s my inference from Max’s sirens in the background.

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