Stop & Shop is my new favorite gas station

Thanks, Stop & Shop. In a single week, I saved more than $30 on two tanks of gas.

The first was thanks to my wife loaning me her Stop & Shop card last week. She had accumulated quite a number of points, given that she does most of our grocery shopping. Neither of the Stop & Shops in Sandwich have a gas station, however, so there had not been any opportunity for her to cash in on the savings those points create.

Enter Commuter Daddy. Armed with her card, I pulled up into the gas pavilion at the Super Stop & Shop in East Wareham. After scanning Brandy’s Stop & Shop card and swiping my bank card, I could scarcely believe the price per gallon. I had managed to buy down the price of the premium gas required by my VW by a dollar per gallon.

Double take. Seriously, the premium price had become the regular price. Sixteen gallons later, I had saved $16.47.

I was giddy all the way to New York.

Later in the week, I was again in need of a pit stop. So while returning from Portsmouth, NH, I decided to pull into the Super Stop & Shop in Plymouth, MA. I did not have nearly the points on my store card that Brandy had, but I figured I was still going to save a nickel or a dime per gallon.

Try $1. Again. This time it was because all the station had was premium gas, and as a gesture of good will to its customers, the store had decided to offer the premium gas at the regular price.

Double big bucks. No whammies! Another $15 in savings later, I again was giddy for the rest of my ride.

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