Favorite commuter tunes of 2010

From time to time on my Twitter feed, you’ll see Commuter Tunes posted. They’re songs that I’ve marked as “Loved” via last.fm while I am listening to music at the home office. Usually they are helping me type faster, or at the very least have me bobbing my head or tapping my toes while crunching numbers.

Whatever works, right?

In addition to the songs listed there, I had many other favorites that I discovered in 2010. My friends and I annually swap lists of our favorites, giving everyone an opportunity to discover new music and in some cases find some songs on which to spend iTunes or Amazon gift cards.

I’ve published my list of 2010 Favorites on Ping. Here’s a few stragglers, too, that can only be found (still for free) on Amazon for the moment

Please join in the sharing. The only criteria is that the song was added to your library in 2010. What were your favorite songs of those you discovered last year?

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