Cooking in the cubicle

First, there was Cooking in the Car. Now, we bring you Cubicle Cooking: Chicken Pesto Pasta (MacGyver Style)

I’ve seen a lot of office coffee makers over the years, including my personal one that we had in production pod back in my days. I’m not sure I would have wanted to cook a chicken breast on its burner, much less eat it — which probably explains why we went out for coffee more often than not.

Still I admire the ingenuity and potentially increased productivity highlighted in Mark Levine’s post (with a tip o’ the chef hat to Jack Lail for calling my attention to it on Digg). And when Google is not your employer, you have to make do with the tools you’ve got.

Plus, who knew that National Cubicle Day (or perhaps Veal-Fattening Pen Day?) and Space Day were in the same week? Coincidence? I think not!

Should your cubicle cooking experiment fail, or should you need an insurance policy against the coffee maker’s bacteria buildup, you could always follow the example of Cubicle Drunkeys:

And really, why wait for National Cubicle Day to celebrate the 3-walled life? Any of these gadgets and toys are bound to make your space a destination for your co-workers, and the social epicenter of the office. Don’t forget to accessorize your cubicle, too.

Luckily, though my home office is in an alcove — the scientific term for cubicle — I don’t have to resort to the coffee maker for preparing chicken. The kitchen is in the adjacent room. Besides, the coffee maker has been toast since our electrical incidents a few weeks ago, and we’re back to using the French press, which does not make a very good grill.

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