Jelly Belly cycling team… who knew!?

Though I enjoy cycling, I am not a big fan of ostentatious cycling gear. Most cycling jerseys are just too flashy for my taste. I’m more of a solid colors kind of fellow.

However, I may change my tune. Jelly Belly, my favorite candy, is sponsoring a cycling team! I clearly have been too busy to notice. I only discovered this because of an item Athletic-Minded Traveler posted as part of its Tour of California wrapup.

(Shameless promotion: Our San Joaquin Media Group had a write-up and some video, too, of the Tour of California traversing its coverage area.)

That seals it for me. Time to break out of my bland clothing box. I’m adding a Jelly Belly jersey to my wish list. Whoever is so kind as to grant this wish, throw in some Sport Beans, will you? I’ve been meaning to try those, too.

Of course, once I break out of my box, I really should consider going all the way. Perhaps a custom-made helmet, like this guy’s?

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